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By House PR

Ahead of the release next Friday of Star Trek Beyond, the latest instalment of the Star Trek saga now in its sixth decade, House PR teamed up with Donna Scott, head of the British Science Fiction Association, to look into which sci-fi film fans believe have come across as the most realistic.

star-trek1Analyses of such movies are extremely frequent and so it is particularly timely that this latest enquiry, which involved the opinions of two thousand sci-fi fans in the UK, should be happening just prior to Star Trek Beyond hitting our cinemas screens.

Indeed, it has long been said that the iconic Star Trek series correctly predicted many aspects of today’s technological advances – from the mobile phone and 3D printers to tablets and touch control hand-held devices. We might be a long way off from teletransportation and travel at speeds in excess of the speed of light, but nevertheless it was an incredible feat of Star Trek writers that so many features of daily life in 21st century were intuited by these non-scientists when colour TVs were still a rare novelty.

Empire Cinemas is the biggest independent cinema group in the UK and according to the research it has undertaken Apollo 13, released in 1995 and starring Tom Hanks, came up tops for realism attracting 29% of the votes. At the other end of the spectrum, the Alien prequel Prometheus, released in 2012 and starring Luther star Idris Elba, only scored 2%.

Another surprise low-scoring film of the poll was the dystopic Elysium (2013), starring Jodie Foster, which took today’s trend among higher earners’ for gated communities and created a residential idyll in space away from the mass poverty that dominated the Earth’s surface.

House PR passed on the results of the study to the UK’s lifestyle, film and entertainment press and together with Dona Scott gained coverage in various specialist press publications, including Battle Royale With Cheese, the Vulture Hound Magazine and the Sci-Fi Bulletin.

Votes for the most realist science fiction movies were:

  1. Apollo 13 (1995) 29%
  2. Gravity (2013) 8%
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 7%
  4. The Martian (2015) 6%
  5. Independence Day (1996) 5%
  6. Alien (1979) 3%
  7. Interstellar (2014) 2%
  8. Elysium (2013) 2%
  9. Moon (2009) 2%
  10. Prometheus (2012) 2%