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The collectables market was abuzz with news that the iconic American label Sailor Jerry was releasing a limited edition series of collectable bottle wraps for £20 decorated with a unique tattoo inspired by the celebrated father of tattoo artistry.

House PR organised a press gathering to reveal which designs by Norman Collins, who was professionally known as Sailor Jerry, will be featured on the new products.

What was unique about Collins’ style was how he combined aspects of the traditions of the East and the West. His influence is beyond dispute in the tattoo world, with designs that continue inspire the most popular designs today.

At the House PR event, it was announced that two design would be released in April – first the Gypsy, then The Homeward Bound Ship, and later in the year The Pin-Up Girl and lastly The American Eagle.

Dave Hort, a senior Sailor Jerry executive, said the new bottle wraps were a token of thanks to loyal customers and hoped that they would make for an attractive and worthwhile acquisition. It isn’t often that collectors get to own such an exciting piece of Americana.

Collectors were also reminded that the Sailor Jerry Bottle Wraps were going to released as a limited edition and so were advised not to delay a purchase.

Assembled journalists were very keen to report on the event and coverage to date has included articles in the music, trade and gay press. It also featured among news stories that were heard on Rock FM. House PR were very happy with what reported on in market leaders the NME (music), Rock FM (radio), Gay Times (gay world) and Bar Magazine (beverages trade press).

The bottle wraps will have a black matte finish and be available nationwide. Organisers expect that in years to come they will become prized items in collections everywhere.